Do I need to register online for my FREE trial lesson?

Yes, all families must register online because it reserves the spot for your gymnast. If you don't register online, then you could lose the spot in the class to someone else. We only put twelve gymnasts in a rec class with two coaches, nine gymnasts in a rec class with one coach, and five gymnasts in a preschool class with one coach. If you remain in the class after your free trial lesson, then you will be billed for any remaining classes in that month. The annual registration fee is $35 each year for one student, $60 each year for two students, and $75 each year for three or more students.

How is tuition calculated?

Tuition is a monthly charge based on the class you selected. There is no pro-ration of classes due to holidays or bad weather. There are several months where gymnasts get extra classes and only a few where there are holidays; therefore, tuition is not prorated. However, we do allow for unlimited makeups due to sickness or bad weather.

Billing for your first month is prorated based on the date of your FREE trial lesson. After your free trial lesson, you are billed for any remaining classes in that month.

Statements are processed on the first of each month, and payments come out on the tenth of each month. There is a late fee of $25 if payment is not made by the tenth of each month. If payment does not go through on the tenth, you will receive an email, and you have until the next day to make the payment or you will be charged the late fee. Most of the time payments don't go through because people get a new card, and they forget to update the information in the system. For directions on updating your billing information, visit our How To section under the Parent Guide tab.

I am interested in attending a class. Can I just show up for a class with a friend?

No, parents are required to register online for the safety of our gymnasts. We want to be sure that parents are aware that their child is attending a class and that we have parent permission for their child to participate. In addition, signing up online reserves your gymnast's spot in a class.

Do you offer discounts for multiple students?

Yes, we do offer discounts to families for having multiple students participate. The second student receives a 10% discount, the third student receives a 15% discount, and the fourth student receives a 20% discount.

I missed my class. Can I make it up?

If you had to miss your regularly scheduled class time for some reason, you can always make it up! However, these makeups must be scheduled, or your athlete may not be able to participate. Makeups need to be scheduled in order for us to maintain our ratio of coaches to athletes and to be prepared for the athlete coming. Directions for how to schedule a makeup can be found under the Parent Guide Tab in the How To section.

Please note that makeups should not be used on a regular basis. We understand that things come up and scheduling can be difficult sometimes, but please do your best to attend your regularly scheduled class time.

When will my child move up?

Athletes are constantly evaluated during classes by our coaches, so they can be moved up at any time with the coach's approval. Each coach has been trained on the skills of your athlete's level, and athletes will not be moved up until they have achieved all of the skills of that level. Coaches will speak to a parent directly after a class to let the parent know their athlete is ready to move up. Then, all the parent has to do is transfer their athlete to a new class that reflects the change in level. Directions for how to do this are under the Parent Guide Tab in the How To section.

Why is my bill $35 more than usual?

If your bill is $35 more than your usual monthly tuition, this is due to the annual registration fee.

Is it okay for my athlete to take a break?

Gymnastics is a year-round sport, so we don't recommend that your athlete take a break during the year. When athletes take breaks, they tend to lose skills, flexibility, and strength. It can be frustrating for the athlete to have to regain these things when they return to the sport.

Are there scheduled breaks throughout the year for holidays?

Gymnastics is a year-round sport, but we do have regularly scheduled breaks throughout the year for holidays, including the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Winter Break. Parents will be notified by email with the dates of these breaks. These dates are posted in the gym as well.

What is the winter weather policy?

If Denver schools are closed, let out early, or cancel evening activities, the Dolphin gym will be closed. 

Parents are always emailed if there will not be classes due to the weather. We also do our best to put it on KWWL, Facebook, and the website. The first place to always check is your email.

Makeups can always be scheduled due to the gym closing for bad weather. If we do have classes, and you don't feel it is safe to come, then you can always schedule a makeup in this situation as well. Directions for how to do this are under the Parent Guide Tab in the How To section.

If you have any other questions or concerns about practice, please feel free to contact us by phone (call or text) or email. Our motto is, "If we don't know, we can't fix it." We are always looking for ways to make our clubs better, and we appreciate parent feedback!