Our preschool classes are for both boys and girls between the ages of three and five. Even at this early age, we focus on skill development. All of our young athletes get to participate on all four events, including vault, bars, beam, and floor. They will learn very basic skills on these events, but these skills will help them develop strength, coordination, and flexibility. Also, learning these basic skills will help prepare them for the next level.

Our preschool classes are 45 minutes in length and occur once per week. All of our athletes are expected to sit on mats until it is their turn to work with the coach. Because these athletes are younger, we don't allow them to work on their own, so we only allow five athletes in a class with one coach.

The next step after preschool is a Level 1 Rec class. Most of the time, athletes aren't moved up until they turn five years old.

To view our class schedules and sign up for a class, use the links below! If you want more information about signing up, visit the How To section under our Parent Guide tab, or contact us at 319-238-3467. The first lesson is always free, and athletes can join at any time!