Our rec classes are for boys and girls five years old or older. There is no age limit for our rec classes, so we encourage athletes of all ages to participate. Our rec program is divided into two levels: Level 1 and Level 2. Athletes in our rec classes will learn the skills that have been established by USA Gymnastics, the National Governing Body for the sport of gymnastics in the United States. In our Level 1 rec classes, athletes learn fundamental skills that they will use throughout their time in gymnastics. All of the skills athletes learn at this level are used as the building blocks for more difficult skills. We also focus on teaching proper technique at this level. In our Level 2 rec classes, athletes begin to combine these fundamental skills into single skills. They also learn new, more difficult skills using the fundamental skills they learned in Level 1.

We also offer an advanced rec class for athletes who are not interested in competing but want to continue to advanced their skills beyond the normal recreational levels. This is for athletes who have all of their Level 2 skills!

Our rec classes are one hour in length and occur once per week. Each week, athletes go to three events. One week, they will go to vault and beam, and the next week, they will go to bars and floor. The first ten minutes of class are spent stretching, then athletes spend twenty minutes on each event, and finally, the last ten minutes of class are spent conditioning. This schedule allows athletes to develop flexibility and strength, and most importantly, it gives them ample time to learn their skills. We use a station system for our rec classes. This means our athletes are never standing in lines, instead they are constantly working! Athletes are asked to work at stations on their own and do skills that are appropriate for their level, and at another station, they work with coaches on the more difficult skills for their level.

Our rec athletes are evaluated quarterly to determine if they will move to next level. Athletes are expected to have all of the skills of their current level before they can move up to the next level. We do this because each level's skills build on one another, so it is extremely important that they have the skills of their level before they start doing more difficult skills at the next level. The next level after a Level 1 rec class is a Level 2 rec class. The next level after a Level 2 rec class is Training Team.

To view our class schedules and sign up for a class, use the links below. If you want more information about signing up, visit the How To section under our Parent Guide tab, or contact us at 319-238-3467. The first lesson is always free, and athletes can join at any time!