Team is designed for athletes who wish to compete. We have two teams: Xcel team and JO team.

The Junior Olympic, or JO, team is the most common among our athletes. This is a great program for athletes who are extremely interested in the sport and want to dedicate a lot of their time to the sport. Although we encourage our athletes to participate in other sports, our athletes are required to get their mandatory hours in each week. This team includes Levels 3 - 10. This program requires a specific amount of training hours each week, and each level has specific skills the athletes are required to perform. Our Level 3, 4, and 5 athletes compete in September through December, and our Level 6 and higher athletes compete in January through April. All of our JO athletes compete in two meets per month.

The Xcel team program is for athletes who want to dedicate less time to the sport. This is a great option for athletes who are heavily involved in other sports but also want to participate in gymnastics, and for older athletes who may have joined the sport recently and want the ability to move up quickly. There areĀ five levels in this program, and many advanced skills can still be learned. All of our Xcel athletes compete in January through April, and they only compete in one meet each month.

One of the great things about both of our team programs is that we offer our athletes a lot of flexibility. We want all of our athletes to be able to participate in other sports, so we do offer a lot of flexibility on the days in which athletes are allowed to attend. Another great thing about our program is that we require far less hours than many other clubs, which gives our athletes the ability to participate in other sports. Even though our athletes do fewer hours than athletes at most other clubs, our athletes train hard in the hours that they are at the gym, which allows them to be extremely successful at competitions.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at 319-238-3467.