Our training team classes are specifically designed for athletes who are interested in competing. Athletes in these classes will work on all the Level 3 skills, which is the first competitive level of the Junior Olympic team program. Ultimately, the goal of training team is to begin learning and training all of the skills that the athlete will need in order to compete Level 3.

Our training team classes are two hours in length and occur once per week. Athletes will go to all four events during their class time. Classes begin with a ten minute stretch, and they end with ten to fifteen minutes of conditioning. Strength and flexibility are extremely important to develop at this level because of the difficulty of the skills the athlete will be performing. The rest of the time is divided between the four events. Athletes at this level are expected to work at stations on their own, where they will be doing drills for skill development or skills they are capable of doing by themselves. They will also get to work with a coach on skills that are more difficult and that they do not have on their own.

Our training team athletes will be moved up to team in January, following the competition season. Parents will be contacted by email if the coach feels their athlete is ready to move up. Gymnasts are not required to have all the skills to be moved to team, but they do need to have the majority of them to move up.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at 319-238-3467.