Our tumbling classes are designed for athletes who just want to work on floor and advance their tumbling. This program is great for cheerleaders and anyone else looking to learn tumbling skills quickly. We welcome athletes of all skill levels into our tumbling classes. If you have no experience at all, we will help you learn the basics to become a great tumbler, and once those basics have been learned, we will work to advance them! If you have experience, we will help you advance the tumbling you already have.

Our tumbling classes are one hour in length and occur once per week. The first ten minutes are spent stretching, and the last ten to fifteen minutes are spent conditioning and developing flexibility. Both of these are extremely important to being a great tumbler, which is why we spend time on them each class. The remaining time is spent working both standing and running tumbling on trampoline or on floor.

To view our class schedules and sign up for a class, use the links below. If you want more information about signing up, visit the How To section under our Parent Guide tab, or contact us at 319-238-3467. The first lesson is always free, and athletes can join at any time!